All About Me

Oh gosh, an intro!

As I’m sure you’re aware by now, since you’ve found your way to this blog, there are as many definitions of feminism as there are feminists in the world. The feminist movement has had issues with privilege and exclusion of certain groups throughout its history, each wave has had its own focus (and its own flaws), and everyone within the waves has had their own personal priority list. It depends on each feminist what it is that their personal feminism focuses upon. This is mine.

Feminism means:

  • Fighting sexism
  • Fighting cissexism
  • Fighting heterosexism
  • Fighting racism
  • Fighting ableism
  • Fighting ageism
  • Fighting classism
  • Being pro-choice
  • Being sex-positive (including supporting sex workers of all kinds)


That’s the kicker, really.

More about me…

I am also a socialist, though my focus is on my feminism so I have not read too much around all the different types of socialism. I guess I’d be categorized as revolutionary-socialist, and more equal-opportunity oriented… but as for the other sub-sub-sub-forms and whatnot… no clue. So I’m rather informally socialist, really.

I am currently a student at a university here in Ontario, Canada, in my third year of music performance. I play the baritone saxophone primarily (although I also play the alto sax, guitar, and tin whistle just for the FUN OF IT, CHYEAH). Despite being in an “artsy” program, the atmosphere of my peers in my department is still depressingly anti-feminist.

I am a cisgender, middle-class, neurotypical white woman with no physical disabilities*… so although I am in the marginalized group in terms of gender, I’m aware that I have been born into many other privileges, and thus I try to be incredibly careful around these issues.

I am also queer – I tend to identify my sexuality as “fluid” although I don’t mind being referred to as bisexual or pansexual. My sexuality has always been able to be put on the backburner for me, first because I considered myself heterosexual for the first several years of my sexual life and thus I was granted the privilege of being left completely alone about my sexuality… then when I came out as bi/pansexual, I had the great privilege of being a part of a generally very accepting family and community, and so even then my sexuality has never been a big issue.

I was also raised in a way that meant I was just never too concerned about exactly what to label my sexuality as. Unfortunately, outside of my support circle (and sadly within it every once in a while) I am still presented with heteronormativity/bi-invisibility, everyone assuming that I’m straight, and it’s especially offensive when they assume the attitude of me being “One of Us”. So probably expect to see some ranty blog posts on such topics.

I am also a peer sex educator, having volunteered with the ever-amazing Scarleteen for about a year and spreading the knowledge I gained from that to my peers in my social circle. Sex, relationships, gender, and sexuality is a major focus of mine… I’m forever fascinated by the complexity of human sexuality. So you may notice a lot of tangential stuff around that in the future of this blog…

Now I promise that’s it from me for now. How about you?

*Is there a better word than this that I could use instead? I always try to be on the lookout for more positive words for marginalized groups, but I don’t know of any for the word “disability”.


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