How the Grinch murdered christmas with a huge meat cleaver

“You don’t have to be in the pews every sunday to know that there’s something wrong in this country when gays can serve openly in the military, but our kids can’t openly celebrate christmas.”


Or some shit?

Yes, we all know that Rick Perry is an asshole and not worth an ounce of attention, but I’ve been hearing this sentiment a hell of a lot this holiday season (no, let’s face it – this christmas season, considering the specific type of people I’ve heard this stuff coming from). Not just from the likes of Mr. Perry. People complaining about how PC the world has become, you can’t even say “merry christmas” anymore! And although I think that yes, calling the beloved pine tree with a star on top a “holiday tree” is going overboard, I think people getting riled up about this are missing something very big. Missing it because of their privilege.


Okay, first things first – we should call a christmas tree a christmas tree. But I’m of that opinion because… that’s a tradition specific to christmas; no other holidays (that I’m aware of…?) use the pine tree as a symbol of their holiday. So it’s pretty pointless calling it a “holiday” tree when it’s specific to one particular holiday. Which actually sort of brings me to my next point.

People renaming things the “winter holidays” instead of “christmas break”, cards saying “happy holidays!” or “season’s greetings!” instead of “merry christmas”. BLASPHEMY, THIS IS A WAR ON CHRISTMAS! But take a moment to look at those cards. What imagery is still used on the huge majority of them? They may read “happy holidays”, but they make it very clear which one they’re assuming you’re celebrating. Pine trees, silver bells, baubles. And those “winter breaks”… what days are they perfectly placed around? Every year without fail, do you happen to get december 25th and 31st off? Because I know that this year not all of the days of chanukah fell within our winter break. I know I can certainly see whose celebrations we’re prioritising, and I’m no detective.

And speaking of the 31st. Are people forgetting what calendar we’re on? That not every culture or religion uses the january-through-december structure for their years? And yet it’s the christian calendar that is standardised throughout most of the world, in the governments and businesses. It’s just taken for granted that stores will be closed on christmas, on easter, and that you’ll have those days off from work or school. But what about ramadan? What about all the days of chanukah? What about the endless other holidays that nobody really hears about because of this standardisation of christianity?

And by the way, this might come as a huge surprise, but there aren’t actually any Speech Police out there stopping you from saying “merry christmas”. Go ahead and say it. Though you’d be a bit of an asshole if you assume that just everyone you meet happens to celebrate the christian holidays. So guess what – maybe it is a better idea to say simply “happy holidays!” to people you don’t know. Instead of showing your wonderfully ingrained christian-centric worldview.

So yes. Go ahead and celebrate christmas and new year’s, and shout “merry christmas you buzzkilling bastards!” from the rooftops. Because nobody is stopping you. And before you open your mouth to moan about how christmas is being stifled by all those PC jerkwads out there, take a moment to remember upon which religion the entire structure of your day, your year, your life is based.

And since nothing is original, this has of course been talked about elsewhere in the blogosphere. I enjoyed this post:


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