Breaking News: Black Character Actually Played by Black Actor This Time!

I’m amazed.

I just watched the trailer for a new Wuthering Heights movie.


Except sadly, the only reason I think this happened is because it’s not a big-budget Hollywood production. So don’t worry, Hollywood is still as racist as ever, HURRAAAAYYYY.

When I read the book I had always thought it was pretty fucking obvious that he was a black guy, and that (along with the inevitable-because-yay-racist-society lower-class-ness) was why Cathy’s feelings for him were frowned upon. Although Emily never outright writes “he’s a black dude and everyone’s fucking racist”, but I thought it was pretty obvious from the description of his dark skin and the way everyone treated him like utter piss even when he’d been fancied up a bit. But in every big screen adaptation? Well, let’s have a look, shall we?

Hello, I’m Heathcliff, and I’m white as fuck!

Hello, I’m Heathcliff, and I’m also white as fuck.

Hey! Guess who I am! And guess what colour I am?!

Because god forbid there be an actual black actor on screen, as a MAIN CHARACTER? HEINOUS. And not only that, but as the MAIN LOVE INTEREST, too? That’s just out of the question.

Except now someone finally admits it — hey this book is about interracial relationships and how a racist society shunned people who had them!

(if the video doesn’t show up for you, here’s the link ->

Hurray! Fucking FINALLY! THANK YOU! Now Hollywood, follow suit already!


4 thoughts on “Breaking News: Black Character Actually Played by Black Actor This Time!

  1. Reminds me a little of Rue from the Hunger Games, and how loads of people were upset that the actress was black. As if “dark skin” in a novel just means “white, with a little suntan”.

    • Yep exactly, whitewashing at its best! It’s also being said that, in fact, Katniss was supposed to be a POC — as she’s described with tanned skin and straight black hair which is the same description given to another character who was observed by Katniss to be able to fit into the Seam which is made up almost entirely of POC. There’s an excellent tumblr blog that talks about whitewashing in Hunger Games a lot and lays out that argument a lot better than I just did. It’s also just generally awesome at looking at whitewashing in hollywood.

  2. PS. I don’t think it’s obvious that he’s black though… it’s sometimes hinted at that he’s of Asian descent – Nelly says something about his mother maybe being an Indian queen, and he’s been called a little Lascar. There’s also some talk of gypsy roots. But whatever he is, he is certainly not white.

    • I think I also remember it being mentioned in the book that he has grey eyes (though I very well may be wrong, it’s been years since I read that book), so if that’s accurate then I figured he might even be Pashtun or from a similar area. But what was obvious to me from the get-go was that he was a POC for sure.

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